Light Matters

It’s been a year of recovery for all of us. Two solid years of our holding back, thinking twice. Then gradually, last spring, folks began leaving their safe cocoons, coming out of their pandemic-era lockdowns and returning to the world outside. I know we are not out of the woods yet. There are always risks. Despite all of the challenges that we currently face, when we veer off our usual routes, we can reap rewards. We will only appreciate the possibilities when we venture out, wander, and explore the world in ways we’ve avoided far too long.

This series of drawings serve as a metaphor for the new possibilities of joy that can be received as we re-enter and re-engage with the world outside. The world is generously reopening its magical portal for us in shimmering waves that surprise and delight. The inspirational effects can be almost breathtaking and we can rejoice in finally being able to attend. And as we reemerge, the light enters. We have plenty to celebrate. Let the magic begin.


The Pull, Charcoal and Pastel, 35 x 28 inches; 2022

Release, Charcoal and Pastel, 28 x 35 inches; 2023

Suspension, Charcoal and Pastel, 36 x 28 inches; 2023

Night Music, Charcoal and Pastel, 60 x 88 inches; 2023

Overflow, Charcoal and Pastel, 28 x 66 inches; 2023

Cosmic Tracks, Charcoal and Pastel, 30 x 44 inches; 2022