Artist Statement

In Salvaged Spaces, I peel back the layers of our everyday world to explore what’s hidden beneath. Like searching for an elusive memory or a connection to an untraceable place, we may find only a small fragment of something that was once a larger experience. These associations can act as a trigger for a memory and bring us back to a particular place and time. My process acknowledges what exists while recovering, examining, and integrating what has been left behind.

Each drawing highlights my desire to create a conversation that occurs on both an aesthetic and conceptual level. Some of my compositions consist of multiple fragments, joined together to make new wholes. At times, these fragments are textured, semitransparent or dense, impenetrable geomorphic shapes. My work can serve as a metaphor for retrieving the essence of things, the notion of a whole that may be made up of seemingly disconnected, disparate parts.

Though all memories continuously shift and morph, drawing enables me to give dimension and definition to them. It is a way for me to somewhat pin my discoveries into a metaphorical shadow box. And there they are.

My drawings are worlds unto themselves. No single drawing is an answer in itself, but part of a bigger search. I respond to my associations, abstracting and extending logic, realigning and layering meaning as I draw.

Although I work with a limited set of elements, devoid of noticeable color, and divested of familiar imagery, my work is a network of inseparable relationships all held in complex, delicate balance. I am intent on bringing something to my work that doesn’t fit… something that is a bit strange. That’s the irrational part of my work. I am frequently mystified by the results of my process. And these outcomes inspire my next body of work.